You will need to sign into MTU Computers in labs/access rooms using your student number as your USERNAME and your MTU student password that you use to log into emails, canvas etc.

Please see step by step below:

How do I log into MTU computers? 


  1. Once at an MTU student computer, your Username is your student number  


  1. 1. Your password is your MTU password (this is the same password you log into your MTU emails, Canvas) 





  1. 2. Click Arrow to enter and you will be logged into the MTU computer. 


Office 365 Applications log in on MTU computers 

IMPORTANT: Please note that you will also be asked to SIGN IN and AUTHENTICATE your login when you open up Office 365 applications (eg. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel) on the computer.  You will need your mobile phone.


  1. 1. Once you open a Microsoft application (eg. Word)  click Sign In 





  1. 2. You will now see a ‘Activate Office’ window, Enter your username again, e.g. R0012345@MYMTU.IE and click next. 







  1. 3. You will NOT be asked for a password again, but you will be asked to verify your identity and a code will be sent to your mobile phone (please note if you need to update your phone number within the MTU system you need to contact 









  1. 4. Once you get the code – enter the code. 






  1. 5. Once authentication is approved you are now logged into Office 365 applications. 

Important! Please note your email address is still your address even though you authenticate to your email account with your username.