Storing files using your myCIT Google Drive in Google Workspace

The myCIT Google Drive provides you with 50GB of data storage. MTU Students can use their myCIT Google Drive account to store data.

Important: When working from devices in MTU labs, you will need to save the file locally first and then upload to Google Workspace.

1. First you need to save your files locally (Documents Folder) if working on files using an MTU computer.

To save them go to File > Save As 

Browse Documents 

Name the file and Click Save.

Now you should upload the files from the computer to your MTU Google Drive.

Once you are signed into your MTU email account, complete the following to access Google Drive storage.

1. Click on the right-hand side of the screen and select the apps menu as circled in red.

2.  You will see 'Drive' - click on the Drive IconOn 

This will direct you to your personal Google Drive

Uploading Files to Google Drive

1. From the My Drive drop-down menu on the top bar

2. Select upload files

3. Search for files on your computer (Desktop, Documents, Downloads, C: Drive, H: Drive etc.)

4. Select the files you wish to upload from here.

5. Click ‘Open’



How to download files from Google Drive

1.Go to the location of the files you wish to download

2. Right Click on the file

3. Select Download from the menu

4. Select the location on your computer (Desktop, Documents, Downloads, C: Drive, H: Drive etc.).

5. Click ‘Save’.