This guide is for new students who registered in MTU September 2023.

MTU IT Services is delighted to announce as part of the Microsoft Office for Education, a Microsoft Office plan is available FREE to current students in MTU.

This service will allow you to do the following at no cost:

  • Install the latest version of Microsoft Office suite (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ) on 5 personally owned devices (PC's/Mac's)
  • Run Office apps on 5 tablets or phones running Android, iOS, and Windows
  • The Online version of Microsoft Office is not available for students logging in using their credentials
  • Install of Microsoft apps are not supported on ChromeBook devices

    Important: By installing any of the MS Office software in Microsoft 365 apps, a student must agree to comply with the proper and legal use of the software of Office 365 and is liable for any improper and illegal use of the software. See here for Security, Privacy and Compliance Information.

Who Can Access the Service?

Students must have an “active” status on the MTU enrolment system. Students must be registered as current enrolled students of Munster Technological University. Due to Microsoft licensing rules, MTU Cork are not permitted to offer these benefits to Alumni students.


How do I get Microsoft 365 apps on my device?

Go to Office 365 Portal 

(NB: For Apple Mac Users ensure that you use Safari Browser for this download process this will ensure that the version is compatible with your Mac. 

1. Log in with your R0012345@MYMTU.IE as username

2. You will be asked for your password, which is your MTU student password you log into your MTU student emails, canvas.

3.  Click 'Sign in' - then you will be asked to verify your identity and a code will be sent to your mobile phone (please note if you need to update your phone number within the MTU system you need to contact 

4. Once you receive the code on your mobile please enter the code and click verify.

When you sign in you will see the following page, click on 'Install Apps' in the top right-hand corner.

5.. Once you click Install apps  - it will download the Microsoft 365 apps installer on to your computer, this can take up to 10 minutes.


If you are installing Microsoft Office 365 apps on Windows devices, after you've installed the applications please DO NOT go via the default Windows icon that is on your device.

1.  Do NOT click on the default Microsoft 365 app on your Windows device (circled in red) as you will NOT be able to log in due to the One Drive currently being restricted to students logging in using their credentials 

2. Launch any Microsoft 365 Apps (Word, PP) instead and you will be asked to sign in again and authenticate your identity using your credentials

You will be presented with another window during the sign-in process - On this Window, you need to click the 'No, sign in to this app only' option as outlined in the red circle and click OK.

You can now use Microsoft 365 apps such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel on your personal computer.

Note: Please be aware that you may see the following error once you've logged on to your account 'Account Error' You do not need to take action and can ignore this error while using Microsoft 365 apps.

If you have any questions please email