Office 365 FAQ’s 

What is Microsoft Office 365 for Education? 

Microsoft Office 365 Education is being provided by Microsoft to allow students use a fully-functional document editing suite on their own personal devices. Users may utilise 1tb of free cloud storage using onedrive, the ability to store, share and colaborate on documents together as well as download the office suite onto 5 separate personal devices.

Has MTU decided to move away from Google Apps? 

No, MTU is continuing to use Google Apps for its myCIT email and calendar services in addition to the other Google apps provided (e.g. Drive, Hangouts, Slides, etc).

For how long can I use Office 365 Education? 

Once you are eligible, you can continue to use the plan until you graduate and are no longer an active student at Munster Technological University. On expiration, the Office applications enter a reduced-functionality mode. This means documents can be viewed but it isn’t possible to edit them or create new documents. In addition, online services such as Office Online and OneDrive will no longer be available.

What are the eligibility requirements for Office 365 Education? 

Students must have an “active” status on the MTU enrolment system.

Students must be registered as current enrolled students of Munster Technological University.

Due to Microsoft licensing rules, MTU are not permitted to offer these benefits to Alumni students.

What level of support can I expect with Office 365 Education? 

IT Services will take responsibility for ensuring that students can connect to Office 365 Education platform using their email address. At present, IT Services are not in a position to provide support on the installation or use of any of the services provided under the student Office 365 platform.

We would strongly recommend you ensure your device has the latest updates and is running a current up to date web browser. It is also advisable to make a backup of any valuable data before starting to install the Office suite. IT Services cannot take responsibility for any loss of data arising from use of Office 365. However, Microsoft has provided a number of web-based resources which you can avail of free of charge. If you’re experiencing issues trying to install Office on your PC or Mac, see Troubleshoot installing Office 365. For help with installing Office applications on your phone or tablet, see Office 365 mobile setup help For training guides and tutorials on using Office 365 Education, visit the Office Training Center. 

I’ve tried logging in but it won’t accept my password. 

Check to make sure you are using the correct password by logging in to your myCIT Google Apps account via the main student portal

If that doesn’t work, then you might need to have your password reset. You can do this online at

Using my Apple Mac device each time I go to get the Office Suite installation it is only offering me the Microsoft version.

From the Mac ensure you use the safari browser when going to access the Office365 portal for download. Using this browser will inform the system of the version to make available.  

I tried to use Office Online but got a message "Sorry, we couldn't create your new document" 

This can be resolved by selecting "OneDrive" from the Office 365 home page. This will assign on-line storage to your account where you can save your on-line documents.

I can't install Office 2016 on to my Mac.

Office 2016 for Mac will only install onto Macs running OS 10.10 or higher. Devices running older versions will only be allowed download Office 2011 for Mac. Therefore, the recommended workaround is to upgrade your personal Mac device to OS 10.10 or higher through the App Store.