Printing & Photocopying

In conjunction with IBS, MTU IT Services offers printing facilities throughout the college.

To avail of these printing facilities within Open Access and at other print stations around the college, you must first log into your computer account (student-CIT domain only). Once you have logged on, you can send your documents to CIT COLOUR Printer for colour printing or CIT MONO Printer for black and white printing.


To go to the printing section, click here

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In order to use the print stations in the college, you need an MTU smart card. The smart card holds information such as your college Identification as a student or staff member of the university. You use the card to scan at any kiosk card reader, which will authenticate and authorize your identity. The printing and photocopy section will go into more detail on how to scan your card at the Kiosks. To find out more about smart cards, click here

Charges per sheet

CIT Mono (black and white): 5c per sheet (single sided)

CIT Colour (colour): 15c per sheet(singlesided)