MTU Smartcard

MTU Smart Card is a new introduction to student/staff life in college. An identity card, but a lot more. The card has a Mifare contactless chip built into it, which the college hopes to develop to deliver services to its users.

Your card will provide you with access to the following:

  • Library access
  • Library book checkout
  • Printing (Using the MFD's)
  • Access to laboratories (limited based on student/course requirements)

The MTU SmartCard is your primary form of campus identification and all staff and students are expected to have a card. The reprographics and MTU SmartCard Office is located in room S102 on the ground floor of the Student Centre.

Please note the opening hours listed below and contact details:

Reprographics Telephone: 021-4335290

Reprograph Email:

MTU SmartCard Telephone: 021-4335290

MTU SmartCard Email:

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 08.30 - 13.00

                                          13.20 - 16.30


  1. New and Replacement SmartCards (ID's)
  2. Sales of Manuals
  3. Document Binding
  4. Laminating
  5. Printing acetates
  6. Sales of paper and binding supplies