H Drive to OneDrive Migration



For the attention of users with a personal CIT H-Drive's (Network Attached Storage)


The contents of your personal H Drive data will migrate to your personal CIT Office 365 OneDrive in the coming weeks.


What does this mean for you? 

To access your data, you will no longer be required to be connected to the CIT corporate Network or via VPN connection into the organisation. Your CIT OneDrive is an online secure storage system of 1TB accessible from any location on any device.

OneDrive is accessible by clicking the OneDrive tile when you log in to the Office365 Portal



All your migrated HDrive data will be available directly within your OneDrive storage area within a newly created folder called 'HDrive'. The original HDrive mapping that was normally available from the local C Drive will no longer be visible or accessible once the migration has been completed.  


What should you expect? 

A member of the IT Services team will contact you directly via email in the coming weeks. They will inform you of a scheduled time when the migration of your data will take place. Your access will remain in place for the duration of the migration and once complete a further email detailing the completion of the process and how you will gain access to your data going forward.


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