If you are using the OneDrive Sync client on your device you can quickly share and collaborate on a document with colleagues and external users at anytime. Should you wish to share materials with others, please follow the quick steps outlined below which will easily guide you through the process involved. 

From within your OneDrive folder on your device, right click on the folder or file you wish to share. From the drop down option menu select 'Share'

Similar to the user experience of configuring sharing with the OneDrive web portal, you must configure your sharing options.

Select 'People you specify can view'. Choose the options you wish to avail of. Once selection is made select apply. This will return you to the original window. Enter the full email address of the user in question. Should you wish to add a message you will have the option here that the end user will receive within the automated email. Once complete select the 'Send' button.

Should you wish to include only a link in a correspondence email you can select the icon 'Copy Link' instead of the 'Send' button.  


You will now get notification(s) that a file has been shared with them, and also when they access the material(s) shared. They can also see the files and folders you have shared with them by navigating to 'Shared' if external user is using Office 365.


On the recipient side they will receive an automated email with details of the data shared. To access the data they should select the 'Open' button from within the email. They will be asked to verify their identity and will receive an additional email with a verification code that they need to enter. Please note dependent on provider this verification email can end up in Junk/Spam folders. Once confirmation of code is entered, access to the data will be available.