Using Office365 gives you the ability to securely store, work and share files on the go from any device. 

Within OneDrive you can create folders, documents and links to relevant materials required for your role within the organisation.

You can also share folders and files with fellow colleagues and external parties when you are working on materials together. 

To do this select the item(s) you wish to share or collaborate on. From the main ribbon select share. 

Modify the share settings to 'Specific people' and select apply. Enter your project partners full email address(es) and select send. Depending on the share parameters configured will set the end user permissions to view (read-only) or edit function.


When sharing with external parties you will note a warning that the user(s) are outside of the organisation. 

You will now get notification(s) that a file has been shared with them, and also when they access the material(s) shared. They can also see the files and folders you have shared with them by navigating to 'Shared' if external user is using Office 365.

On the recipient side they will receive an automated email with details of the data shared. To access the data they should select the 'Open' button from within the email. They will be asked to verify their identity and will receive an additional email with a verification code that they need to enter. Please note dependent on provider this verification email can end up in Junk/Spam folders. Once confirmation of code is entered, access to the data will be available. 


Should you wish to review your current share settings, you can see what files and folders have been shared from the sharing column. However, you can also select the 'Shared' section from the left hand column within the office 365 portal. Here you will get greater details of folders and documents that have been shared with you, and documents and folders you have shared with others.

Should at any time you wish to revoke the sharing permissions, please follow the steps outlined below. 

From within your OneDrive portal, select the three dots associated with the folder or file for which you wish to update the permissions associated. From the drop down menu select 'manage access'. On the right hand side of the screen you will now have visibility of all the permissions set on the folder/file. 

From here you can select the three dots and modify the given access settings from edit to view. 

You can also remove a person from having permissions to access the data. Select the down arrow next to the users profile image and select the 'x' beside the relevant user. 

If you wish to remove the sharing option completely from all users, select the 3 dots beside the link URL and then select 'x' to remove the link. A warning will prompt to ensure you want to remove this from all recipients, select the 'Delete Link' button.