Using Office365 for students gives you the ability to securely store, work and share files on the go from any device. 

Within onedrive you can create folders, documents and links to relevant materials required for your college courses.

You can also share folders and files with fellow college members if you are working on materials together. 

To do this select the item(s) you wish to share or collaborate on and from the main ribbon select share. 

Modify the share settings to 'Specific people' and select apply. Enter your project partners full email address(es) and select send. 

You can now see what files and folders have been shared from the sharing column. However you can also select 'Shared' section from the left hand column. Here you will get greater details of documents that have been shared with you and documents and folders you have shared with others. 

Your class mates will now get a notification that a file has been shared with them. They can also see the files and folders you have shared with them by also navigating to 'Shared'

So lets work on the final project document you just shared with your classmate. Open the document either within the browser or directly to the office app on your device you decide.  From here you can make all the edits and changes you want. You can also see your classmates changes as they are made.

If you select your classmates logo or name you can see what page they are currently editing and you can go direct to that location. What's really good with this is you are working on the same document together at the same time, no edits or merging of versions at the end.

As well as this you can direct IM conversation directly within the document. Either from the top right hand corner select comments and tag your classmate you wish to converse with, or highlight a piece of text and comment your input. 

If you need to check back on previous versions, that's also possible from within your OneDrive. Select the file in question and select the 3 dots beside the file name. From within this pop menu select version history. Within the new popup window you will see the last 500 versions of your document. You can select anyone of them and open that version.

Finally, just in case you delete an important document or folder by accident. Dont worry as with most Microsoft solutions a recycle bin is in operation. This is available from the left hand menu column, select 'Recycle Bin' Items within the bin will remain there in soft delete format for 30 days, after which point it will be deleted and no longer available.