This article is aimed at academic staff who need to collaborate with students, in particular for class delivery while working remotely.

NB: We recommend Canvas to host learning content and manage classes remotely: Canvas

For lecturing staff using Canvas you must first check:

  1. Do you have a need to continue teaching / student engagement during a shutdown
    1. Is learning content such as lecture slides or handouts available in digital format (e.g. PowerPoint / PDF / similar)
    2. Has learning content been made available to students online via Canvas?
    3. Can your students submit digital content (assessments and other material) online via Canvas?
    4. Do staff know how to use Canvas to support student communication and collaboration?
    5. Is there a need to create more media-rich or interactive content in the form, e.g., of a narrated slide deck, video, software demonstration or similar? The Department of Technology Enhanced Learning can provide access to screencasting software for same on request
    6. Do staff wish to do a remote live delivery of classes? The Department of Technology Enhanced Learning can provide access to a live elearning system called Big Blue Button which can be integrated into Canvas modules.
    7. Do you have access, in Canvas, to all modules you are delivering this semester?
      • If you are missing a module in Canvas you must get it added in Banner: email, quoting the following information:
        • Your staff ID number.
        • The module codes and titles of the modules you require, e.g. INFO 6006: Introduction to Computing.
        • In the case of each module, indicate the codes for the programme(s) on which these modules are being taught, e.g. KCOMP_7_Y1