<This article is aimed at all CIT staff who need to collaborate with other CIT staff while remote working>

In general, for remote workers who wish to collaborate staff to staff the most suitable set of tools are available through Microsoft Office 365. Staff can log onto Microsoft Office 365 (using your CIT credentials) at: http://www.office.com and this will bring you to its main portal. 

  • NB: you will need to be set up for MFA to be able to access this service remotely. 
  • Also, if you have used a CIT desk phone number when setting up MFA then this will not work if you need to access Office365 from home. Please change this to a number accessible from home if you wish to access Office365 from home.

There are many different applications available to CIT Staff on this portal. However, for a remote worker the following apps are particularly useful:

  • Use this app to access your CIT email

  • Use this app to access your individual CIT documents

  • Use this app for Video Conferencing
  • Use this app for Desktop Sharing
  • Use this app to access your Team's/Workgroup's/Department's shared documents NB: your Team/Workgroup/Department must have moved your shared documents from fileshares  to MS Teams for this feature to work