To log into your staff email on your machine, It is highly recommend that you do this via Microsoft Outlook, which will be installed on your machine by default. You can log in online via office 365 as well but it is recommended that you use Outlook.

Signing into your Outlook account for the first time off the network/via Wi-fi has a different process that requires you to use Multi Factor Authentication (MFA).

Follow the steps below to sign in via Outlook


1. Launch the outlook application and enter your cit email address.

2. You will receive the pop up below saying that the product is de-activated. Select 'Sign in'.

3. You will now receive another pop up for MFA, asking you to approve of the sign in on a mobile device.

4. Once approved you will prompted to enter your credentials on the cit log in page.

5. This will now successfully sign into your account.