Staff can add their email accounts on their mobile handsets via the built in email app, however it is highly recommended that you add it via the 'Outlook' app.

Follow the steps below to get Outlook on Android:


1. Download 'Outlook' from the Google Play Store.

2. Launch the application and select 'Get Started'.

3. Enter your cit email address in the text field.  

*If you have other accounts signed into already, a separate page will appear asking if you want to add these as well*.

4. Select 'Office 365' from the list.

5. You will be re-directed to the CIT sign in page. Enter your credentials here.

6. With MFA enabled on your account and with 'Authenticator' installed on your handset, you will be prompted with the below message to allow the sign in to proceed.

        6.1. On newer android devices, you will also get a drop down option.

7. Approve of the sign in request and you should now be able to access your cit emails on the handset.