To log into your staff email on your machine, It is highly recommend that you do this via Microsoft Outlook, which will be installed on your machine by default. You can log in online via office 365 as well but it is recommended that you use Outlook.

Follow the steps below to sign in via Outlook


1. Launch the outlook application and enter your cit email address.

2. You will be re-directed to the cit login page where you will need to enter your credentials.

3. For security reasons, you will have to tick the box to allow us to manage the machine. Doing this will also sync your account to other office 365 applications and auto sign you in on the machine.

    3.1. Your outlook profile will now begin to install on the client machine.

4. Your outlook profile will now be installed. Click Done to proceed to the next step.

5. Here you will have the option to add another account. NB *Untick the box for 'Set up Outlook Mobile on my phone, too'*.

6. Click 'Done' and you will need to enter your credentials once more to activate the Office 365 license for your account.

7. Click 'Next' and office will finish setting up. Once done click 'Accept and start Outlook'.