Once MFA is enabled, an app password is required for some applications. The following lists the steps required to generate an app password:

1. Login to outlook.com/cit.ie on any browser. 

2. Click 'Settingsicon.



3. Click 'Office 365'. 


4. Click 'Security & Privacy' then 'Additional security verification'. 


5. Click 'Create and manage app passwords' For each seperate application, you will need to create an individual app password. So now, click 'Create'.


6. Enter a meaningful name to describe the App Password and click 'Next'. 


7. The App Password will be displayed. This is the only time the characters of the app password will be displayed. The App Password can only be used once. 


8. Click 'Copy password to clipboard'. 

*Please note this will fail in a safari browser. You will have to select the password and copy.*

9. Use this password in whatever application you are using to authenticate.