Now with System Center technical support staff have additional functionality to allow remote support for you the end user. 

Should you have a  technical issue the IT Support staff can request to complete a remote session onto your device to fix this issue directly for you. 

As a staff member of the organization your security is of utmost importance to us within IT Services. With System Center all technical staff need to request approval for remote access. This request needs to be granted by you the end user. 

To initiate a remote session the technical staff member will request your machine name. This can be found by navigating to start button and right click on Computer and selecting Properties. A popup will appear with details about your computer. 


Give these details to the technical member of staff so a remote session can be activated. 

You will see a popup display on your machine requesting access permissions ot begin the remote session. Here you will also see the name of the technical member of staff who is requesting access. 

You can approve or deny access at this point. 

Throughout the remote session you will also see the complete works that are being undertaken by the technical staff throughout the remote session.