With System Center configuration manager updating of device operating systems has now becoming much easier for both the end user and also the technical staff involved. 

Once an install or upgrade is required, a technical staff member can approve the install of an operating system to any device within the organization. 

Once the OS has been approved, the OS build will appear within the Software Center on the device in question, see below. 

Select the required OS for install and select the blue install button when ready for installation to begin. 

Back up of personal and work data should be completed prior to install. Unless otherwise stated user state migrations are not the standard install. Therefore all data stored on the device will no longer be available once new OS install is completed.  

A final warning window popup will appear on the device in question for the user to confirm they want the install to proceed on the device. 

The download of the OS will begin and the device will begin the process of installing the new operating system on the machine. 

Depending on the size of the OS deployment and also depending on the performance of the end device will depend on the timing involved in the build. 

Below you will see a screenshot of the device downloading the new OS and rebooting into the installation wizard Windows PE environment. This installation is none touch and will require no end user involvement throughout.

Once completed the device will appear at the login screen of the new Operating System.