Users across the organization can avail of the introduction of application availability within the software centre of SCCM. 

Should an end user require a specific piece of software it can be made available within the software center for the specific end user to install themselves at a suitable time for them. 

Below you will see a screenshot example of applications available to a test end user. 

Should a user request a specific software and it is loaded within SCCM then any technical staff member can make it available to the specifc end user in question. 

For an end user it is as simple as opening the software center and selecting applications from the left hand panel. Here you will find all applications that have been made available for you to install. 

Select the application in question you require to install and you will be presented with the application details, if happy then select the blue install button. 

This application has now successfully installed on the device in question and can be used.

Should you wish to remove the installed application you can as normal remove this from within add/remove programs, but you can also uninstall it from the application section within the software center. 

Open the application details and select the blue uninstall button.