Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is a free online storage that comes with your MTU Microsoft account.

Do you need a solution that lets you store all your files in one place, share and collaborate with others, and get to your documents and files from anywhere?

OneDrive can help. OneDrive supports more than 270 file types, with an allocation of 1 terabyte of secured cloud storage per MTU user.

Create a file on your PC or Mac and edit the same file on your laptop, tablet, or phone. No need to email it to yourself or save a copy to a USB drive.

Want to share a document with a colleague and collaborate on it together. Then with onedrive you can easily share files with others, collaborate on the same files in real-time with your colleagues online from anywhere in the world, and see comments and changes as they happen.

Do you want to do some training and learn more about OneDrive? From getting started to managing your files to sharing and syncing your files, select the image below "Get Started with OneDrive" and this will take you to a full suite of OneDrive training material. 

Want to figure out how to achieve something specific within OneDrive then check out the online OneDrive Help Center.  

To access your MTU OneDrive account directly, navigate to From here enter your MTU credentials, active password and complete the relevant MFA prompt. 
Alternatively from within Office 365, select the app launcher in the top right hand corner and select the OneDrive app.  

Drag directly from your device and drop in the browser to upload to OneDrive, alternatively select the Upload button and choose which files or folders you want to upload. 

Don't want to be access the browser all the time to access your files? OneDrive offers a sync client that is already installed on your machine, search for OneDrive within your local programs. Alternatively if you want to install the most up to date version of OneDrive (recommended) select here. 

Need to back up your desktop or documents to OneDrive, then utilise folder protection within the latest OneDrive sync tool, find out more and how to set up folder protection here.