Sync OneDrive for Business to your Mac Computer

To sync OneDrive for Business offered in Office 365 on to your Mac computer we recommend using
the following instructions.

Once synced, your OneDrive for Business can be opened and accessed via the
Microsoft Document Connection application.

From the spotlight in the top right corner of your computer, search Microsoft Document Connection.
Click on the program to open.


Once the Microsoft Document Connection is open, click Add Location in the top left hand corner,
then click Connect to a SharePoint Site.

You will now be prompted to enter a valid SharePoint address, the address is https://


Next you will be prompted to the Office 365 login page.
Enter your full staff email address and password.


You will now be prompted with a log in page within Microsoft Document Connection.
Enter your CIT username and password.

Upon entering your Staff username and password, you may get a message that states
"You do not have permission to connect", if this occurs please redo steps 2-4.
If this message does not appear please continue to the next step.

Once connected your OneDrive featured in Office 365 will show up under SharePoint,
you may double click on it to rename the location.