Sync OneDrive to your Computer

You can sync your OneDrive library to your computer, and then work with files in the library by using
Windows Explorer. Updates to files will sync to OneDrive whenever you're online.


The simplest way to sync your OneDrive library is to go to your OneDrive via the portal, then navigate to the OneDrive section 

via the app launcher in the left hand corner. Once you are in your One Drive you can then click the 'Sync' button from within 

the main ribbon.

This opens the Sync Library wizard, and automatically recognizes the email address and your
OneDrive library. Select the 'Sign In' Button to begin the synchronization. Complete all the follow-up relevant steps.




Once you select 'Open my OneDrive folder this will populate windows explorer with a synchronized copy of your data. 

You can now work as normal with a copy of all your data local to your device. All changes made will automatically sync to your 

OneDrive online. 

Customize the folders and files you Sync to your device. 

From within the main taskbar on your device, select the Microsoft OneDrive icon in bottom right hand corner, 

and select 'Help and Settings'

Alternatively right click on your mouse on the OneDrive icon will automatically open the settings section for you. 

From within the Microsoft OneDrive settings window you will see your current syncing settings. Select 'Choose Folders'

Deselect the folders or files not in a folder that you do not want to Sync. This option is very beneficial to users who have large 

quantities of data in their OneDrive and do not have enough local storage for synchronization. Additionally this would be 

recommended to deselect data folders which you do not access often.    

If you wish to keep only some files from within a folder on the device, then this is possible also. 

From within the OneDrive folder on your device right click on the folder or file in question and select 'Always keep on this device'

Also, if at any time you wish to revert this change just right lick on the folder or file and select 'Free up Space' this will replace the 

complete file with a link to the item which can be quickly downloaded from OneDrive online automatically. 


Checking the Status of Your Files

A green check on a folder means that it has been successfully synced.

  •  It’s in sync with online version.

A blue circular arrow means it is currently being synced.
  •  It’s getting in sync.

A red arrow indicates a folder or file that is out of sync.
  •  The version on your PC is out of sync. To find out why, go to the right side of the taskbar,
    right-click (or press and hold)OneDrive , and select View sync problems.

Always ensure that you do not have any indicators of sync issues within your client. This can cause issues for data version 
which might be shared for collaboration.