Use of Rules


Use inbox rules to automatically perform specific actions on email messages that come into your inbox.

For example, you can create rules that will change the importance level of email messages as they come in,

automatically move them to specific folders, or even delete them based on certain criteria.

Note: Outlook on the web does not support running new rules on existing emails. To do this, please use Outlook 2013.

The details of creating a rule vary depending on your criteria, but the general steps are very similar. In this example, we'll create a rule to move all messages received from "IT Service desk" will be moved into the sub folder Servicedesk calls.

Go to the cog icon on the left of your profile photo and the settings drop down menu will appear, scroll down and select Mail.


On the Options screen, in the column on the left, select Inbox and Sweep rules.


4. From the choices along the top of the page, select inbox rules (this may already be selected).

5. Click the plus sign, then select the desired option.

Create a new rule for arriving messages is the generic starting place. The other options will automatically fill in a few steps, based on the option you select.

For this example, we'll use the generic Create a new rule.


6. Give your rule a descriptive Name. 

7. Under When the message arrives, and, select the desired criteria.

If your criterion is based on a person, a people window will open, where you can find and select the desired person.

If your criterion is based on looking for specific words, a specify words or phrases dialog box will open. You must type the word or phrase, click the plus sign, then click ok.

You'll see the value(s) you specified to the right of the criterion you specified.


8. Under Do the following, select the action you want the rule to take. A window or dialogue box will open where you can select the folder, category, or person associated with the action you selected.

9. Click save when done.