When looking at your mail in Outlook Web App, the left column displays a set of Favourite folders, then all the folders in your account. Click on any folder to view its contents.

A folder with an arrow next to it has sub-folders within it. Click a right-facing arrow to show the sub-folders. The arrow will angle downward when you do.


You can create additional folders and sub-folders. Right-click (Mac: Ctrl-click) the folder inside which you want the new folder created, and then select create new folder. Type the name for your new folder, then press Enter or click anywhere else in the browser window. Sub-folders will initially appear in the order you created them, but the next time you use OWA, you'll find they've been alphabetized.

You can move messages to folders manually

  • By dragging and dropping messages or 
  • By right-clicking (Mac: Ctrl-click) the message, selecting move, then selecting the target folder. 
  • Use flags to make your most important messages stand out (Explained below)

Using Flags

Flags are a quick way to make your most important messages stand out. While viewing the contents of any mail folder, flagged messages appear with a red flag in the right-most column.

Flagging a Message in a Mail Folder

In your Inbox (or any folder), the right-most column is the flag column. Red flags are always visible, but the grey (un-flagged) flag icon is only visible for the currently selected message or a message that you are mousing over.

Remind yourself to take action today

Hover over the message you want to flag, then click the grey flag icon that appears. This will set the flag, indicating that the action is due today


Remind yourself to take action by a date you choose

Hover over the message you want to flag, right click the flag icon that appears, then select the desired date. 

To mark a flagged message as done, click the red flag icon, this will change to a check-mark The message will also be removed from your Task view.

To remove a flag (or a check-mark indicating a completed item), right-click the flag or check-mark, then choose clear flag from the drop-down menu.

You can also use Categories to help you group similar messages together and find messages quickly. 

Categories can be found on the tool bar over the opened email.

You can create a new category or move the email to a pre-existing category.