You can easily navigate to your email by selecting “Outlook” from the navigation bar.

Your mail is presented the same way as your client email with all folders and sub folders available.

There are a number of actions you can carry out when managing a received email in your inbox from the tool bar

above the open email.

You can create a new email message, calendar event or group from the +New drop down menu. You can also
delete the opened email by selecting delete.

You can archive the opened email message by selecting Archive. It will give you the option of archiving
the email in a new folder or a per-existing folder.

You can send this email to your Junk mailbox by selecting Junk. You can also apply a sweep action

to any emails received by this sender under Sweep.

You can move your open email to another location under the Move to drop down menu.

You can add the open email to a category or create a new category under the Categories
drop down menu.

More actions can be found in the (...) drop down menu such as Mark as unread, Pin etc.

Read and Reply To Messages

If you have unread messages, a number will appear next to the name of your mail account or

inbox folder displayed in the left navigation.

To view your messages, click the Inbox folder (or other folder). To read a particular message,

either highlight (select) it and read the text in the Reading Pane, or open (double-click) it.

You can filter which messages you see using the links just below the search box at the top of the window: all,
unread, to me, and flagged.

To reply to a message, either select or open it, then click REPLY or REPLY ALL at the top right side

of the message.

The REPLY command addresses your response only to the sender.

REPLY ALL will send your response to the sender and everyone who was copied (Cc) on the message.
Your reply will not be sent to anyone who was blind-copied (Bcc) on the original message.

Sending an Email

To create a new email, select ‘New mail’ in the top left.

Select Email message form the drop down menu

You will then be presented with the following:

The ‘To:’ field can be completed by adding users manually by typing the email address into the To bar;

Or you can search your address book by clicking on the To, this will bring up your address book

where you can search for the contact.

If you wish to add an attachment to the email select the Insert option:

You can choose where you want to upload your attachment from, OneDrive, Computer, USB etc.

Select the file and click next

The file can be inserted as a copy or shared as a OneDrive file.

There are additional options available by selecting “…”

When you discard a message, you will be prompted to confirm: