1. Select "Build Content" from the menu at the top of the content area, then, under Mashups, choose "Youtube Video". The Mashup feature in Blackboard allows you to add media content from outside sources like YouTube, Flickr and SlideShare.

2. This search screen allows you to directly search YouTube for your video. Your search results will show a list of videos, each with a screenshot and a small amount of detail. When you have found the video you want to add, click “Select” below the video’s screenshot

3. From here, you can decide how the video will appear to students. Give your video a name. Your video’s name can be different to the name of the video on Youtube - so it could be something like “Extra week 1 learning material”

If you want, you can also include a description that will be displayed with the video. This could be a further description of the video or it could be some guidance for your students on how they can use what’s covered in the video

4. The Mash-up options control how the video will be displayed to students. "Embed Video" allows the video to be played within the content area in Blackboard.

You can also decide if you want to show the video’s URL and Youtube information. Turning these off means that students will only see the information that you provide for the video rather than the original description and information that is provided in Youtube.

5. If you wish, you can also upload a document to accompany the video. Click “Browse my Computer” to upload a file from your computer or use “Browse Course” to locate the file if it has been previously uploaded to the module.

6. “Standard Options” lets you decide if and when students can see particular content
  • If you set “Permit Users to View this Content ” to “yes”, then students can access the content immediately
  • If you set “Track number of views ” to “yes”, then Blackboard will record how often the content is accessed
  • “Select Date and Time Restrictions” lets you to determine a date and time within which content is accessible.

7. Click Preview to view the video in the content area before finalising or click Submit to save the video to the content area.