The Archive options lets you create a folder of the course content and the user interactions. An archive package will also include the entire grade history. In this way, the archive acts as a kind of permanent record of the entire course.

Important - If you are archiving your course, it will include student grades and interactions so ensure that this archive file is stored securely when saved.

1. Go to the lower-left section of the screen, to the Course Management menu, and click on the “Packages and Utility” section, then click on “Export/Archive Course”.

2. To archive your module, select "Archive Course" from the Blue menu at the top of the content area.

3. By default, archived course packages will only include the final, most current grade information. If you tick "Include Grade Centre History", the archive will include all grade centre information related to changed grades and multiple submissions of assignments, tests or quizzes.

4. If you want to include all of the files in the module in your archive, make sure that “Copy links and include copies of the files in the course default directory” is ticked. This results in a larger file size, but it makes sure that you have copies of everything.

5. Then click Submit

After this, you will receive an email to your CIT email informing you if the archive was successful. And the archive file will show up on your Export/Archive Course screen (step 1 above). This zip file is now available for download.