Both exporting and archiving allows you to make a back-up of your module content and material. Each offers different options:


The Export option lets you create a folder of the module content - known as a “Package”. You can import this package back into Blackboard to create a new course with the same content.

Please note - this will only save the course content. It doesn’t save the student interactions or grades.


The Archive options lets you create a folder of the course content and the user interactions. An archive package will also include the entire grade history. In this way, the archive acts as a kind of permanent record of the entire course.

  • By default, archived course packages will only include the final, most current grade information.
  • If you tick "Include Grade Centre History", the archive will include all grade centre information related to changed grades and multiple submissions of assignments, tests or quizzes.

Important - If you are archiving your course, it will include student grades and interactions so ensure that this archive file is stored securely when saved.