Both the Edit Mode and Student Preview options are available at the top right of your module in Blackboard:

Edit Mode

Edit Mode allows you to switch editing capabilities on and off in your module. So to be able to edit the course and add content, you should make sure that Edit Mode is turned on. By turning off Edit Mode, you can often get a quick idea of how your content will show to your students:

Student Preview

Student preview is an important but often missed feature in the Blackboard interface. It gives you more capabilities than just turning off the edit mode because it generates a temporary student account and logs you in as that student. This icon (a green circle and two arrows) can be found to the left of the “Edit Mode” button.

When in Student Preview, a yellow banner remains at the top of the screen:

Student Preview will also allow you to submit assignments from this temporary student user. This temporary student user will even appear in the Grade Centre (your name followed by "_PreviewUser") if you do not delete the user data on exiting the preview.

When you exit Student Preview, you are prompted to retain or delete this temporary student. It is generally recommended to delete the preview user and all the data associated with it unless you are going back and forth from your real account to the student preview to test features.