“Units” in Canvas are similar to “Folders” in Blackboard.

A unit in Canvas can be thought of like a “section” - a way of organising content in Canvas.  You could have a unit in Canvas, for instance, called “Week 1”, under which all files/ assignments/ activities related to week 1 could be added.

The first page of a blank module in Canvas will always give you the option of creating a new Unit by clicking on the “Create a new Unit” section. You can also create a Unit by clicking on the red “+Unit” button in the top-right corner of the screen.

“Create a new Unit” section in a blank course in Canvas.

The red “+Unit” button is also available in the top-right corner of the interface


When you have created your Units, you can add files, activities, assignments, etc. to the unit by pressing the “+” button to the right of the Unit Name. 

In this way, you can setup your course based on a number of units - which could based on the week, the different subject areas, etc.

Units (created to represent different semester weeks) in a Canvas Module