All Blackboard courses will have the same module menu by default. The new format of the module menu was applied for the 2016/17 semester as part of an effort to improve the end user experience of Blackboard and make it easier to access the various materials and assessments for a module. The traditional Content section has been split into spaces for Learning Materials and Resources to be uploaded.

In addition, an area is available for Assessments to point students towards a space dedicated to the assessments due for the module. Students will now be able to access their results from this menu with the Results link rather than going to the Tools menu. The module menu is customisable and the module menu links can be hidden, deleted, moved or renamed.

Each link in the module menu has options which allows you to rename, delete, show or hide the link. You can access these options by moving your mouse over a menu item

  • A small grey circle will appear to the right of an item when you roll over it.
  • Click on this to bring up the options for this menu item

Some icons may appear next to a link in the module menu:
  • A square with a line through it means the item is hidden from students:

  • A square with no line through it means that this item does not contain any content. Menu items without any content are also hidden from students:

You can add new menu items by clicking on the “plus” sign on the top left of the menu and selecting the appropriate item. You can also rearrange the menu items by using the arrows to the top right of the menu.

By default, the first item in the menu will be displayed to students when they log in, if that link contains content. If the link is empty, the students will see the next link in the menu.