One of the first things that you might want to do with Blackboard is to organise the list of modules that is displayed on your dashboard, particularly if your list of modules is very long.

Modules can be organised using the Group by Semester function:

1. Move your mouse over the top of the “My Modules” block  and click on the cog wheel icon at the top right of the block

2. In section 1 - “Semesters”, tick the option "Group by Semester"

Only modules belonging to Semesters that are ticked will be visible on the dashboard so if you want modules from a particular semester to be visible, like the current semester, this semester should be ticked. If you want modules from a particular semester to be hidden, this semester should not be ticked. You can also choose Expand Semester to show the modules for a particular semester, otherwise the semester will be collapsed by default but you can click the semester link on your dashboard to reveal the modules.

3. In section 2 - “Edit Module List ”, you can decide what modules within each semester will be visible. Only modules that are ticked will be visible.

4. Click “Submit” to save your changes