When setting up an assignment for your students in Blackboard you will be offered settings related to the Due Date and also the Availability.

Due Date

By including a Due Date (optional), the link to the assignment can still be seen by the students and they can continue to submit assignments but any that are submitted after the due date/time will be clearly marked as late:

  • Both lecturers and students will see that the submission is late - lecturers will see it in the Grade Assignment page and students will see it on their Review Submission History page.


By enabling date and time restrictions in Availability settings, you can decide if and when students can see the link for the assignment thus enabling them to make submissions.

It is generally recommended to leave the Limit Availability options empty and provide a Due Date. Otherwise, if a student wishes to submit an assignment after the deadline you would need to edit the availability of the assignment so that the link would re-appear for the student to submit work.