You will come across a few settings that are common across a variety of activities in Blackboard - from adding content to setting up other tools.

One of these common settings is Availability - these are options that are generally offered when setting up an assessment:

“Availability” lets you decide if and when students can see particular content or assessment material. You can set a sepcific time and date that students can begin viewing or using the content to the time and date that it will no longer be available to them in their Blackboard accounts.

  • If you tick “Make the Assignment Available”, then students can access it immediately
  • “Limit Availability” lets you to determine a date and time within which assessment material is available to students. Even if "Make the Assignment Available" is ticked, students will only be able to see the content between the dates entered here if they are provided.
    • In the example below, students will not be able to see the link for the assignment in their content area after the date provided in "Display Until".
  • If you set “Track number of views ” to “yes”, then Blackboard will record how often the material is accessed