To add an image to your Blackboard module:

1. Select "Build Content" from the menu at the top of the content area, then choose "Image".

2. Give your image a name and click “Browse my Computer” to upload a file from your computer or else, you can use “Browse Course” to locate the file if it has been previously uploaded to the module. "Browse Mashups" can be used to add an image directly from the image hosting site, Flickr.

3. "Alt Text" and "Long Description" are accessibility features. Including a concise description of the image in "Alt Text" explains the image to those using screen readers. "Long Description" is similar and enables you to provide a longer and more detailed description of the image.

4. Edit some optional settings for the image in the next section:
  • Dimensions allows you to retain the original width and height of the image you are uploading or include your own dimensions.
  • You can include a border for your image
  • You can make your image a link by providing a Target URL. When the image is clicked, the destination URL will open in a new window.
  • "Open in New Window" displays the content in a new browser window
  • Generally you can ignore "Add alignment to content", this aligns the content relative to text.

5. “Standard Options” lets you decide if and when students can see particular content
  • If you set “Permit Users to View this Content ” to “yes”, then students can access the content immediately
  • If you set “Track number of views ” to “yes”, then Blackboard will record how often the content is accessed
  • “Select Date and Time Restrictions” lets you to determine a date and time within which content is accessible.

6. Click Preview to view the image in the content area before finalising or click Submit to add the image to the content area.