Revision assignments are duplicates of a 'parent' assignment that can be used to collect drafts of student work. They are often used by lecturers wishing to view student progress for an assignment as, ordinarily, if students made multiple submissions for an assignment each new submission overwrites the last.

For instance - a lecturer first creates an assignment called "End of Semester Assignment" which will be used to collect the final submissions for grading. The lecturer also creates a revision assignment based on this is called "End of Semester Assignment: Revision 1". The settings associated with the final assignment will automatically be added to his revision assignment when it is set up but some settings can be changed (e.g. due dates, instructions).

To create a revision assignment:
1. Create a "Paper Assignment" as normal for the final submission. Directions are available here.

2. Create a new Turnitin assignment but select "Revision Assignment" on the first page instead of "Paper Assignment":

3. Choose the assignment on which to base the Revision Assignment by selecting the assignment you created in step 1 above.

4. Make any required changes to the settings available for the Revision Assignment:

5. Click Submit to save the Revision Assignment.