Yes, it is possible to allow students to submit multiple drafts of their assignments prior to the due date. You can also decide if they can view the originality report for each submission. Allowing them to view these reports can be beneficial as students can assess and improve on their work.

The following steps outline the process:

1. Create a Turnitin assignment including the name, points value and start/due dates as normal.

2. Click to reveal the "Optional Settings"

3. Under the heading of "Originality Report", ensure that the following options are selected:

  • Choose "Yes" for Generate Originality Reports for submissions
  • Set Generate Originality Reports for student submissions to "immediately (can overwrite reports until due date)"
  • Choose "Yes" for Allow students to see Originality Reports

Please note:
  • Only the latest originality report will be available to view by the student and lecturer.
  • It may take up to 24hrs to generate each new report after a re submission.