Additional features and settings can be added to the assignment by selecting the Optional Settings button at the bottom of this screen.

Enter special instructions:
Allows you to add any additional information for your students regarding the assignment.

Allow submissions after the due date: If you choose yes, students will still be able to submit assignments after the due date but they will be marked late. If you choose no, students will no longer be able to submit assignments.

Originality Reports: Originality reports are results generated from a comparison of the submission against numerous repositories and internet sources. The reports offer a summary of unoriginal or questionable text within a submission.

Generate originality reports for submissions: If you choose yes, Turnitin will present a summary of the submission with any unoriginal or potentially unoriginal work highlighted in the text and with links to the source in question offered in the margin.

Generate originality reports for student submissions: This setting allows you to choose one of three options for when students can see originality reports:

  • Immediately (first report is final) - This option would typically be used for a final submission of an assignment. Students receive an originality report and cannot resubmit their paper. The instructor will need to delete the student's submission in order to allow them to resubmit.
  • Generate reports immediately (can overwrite until due date) - This option allows students to resubmit their paper as often as they like before the due date and is often used by students to submit drafts of assignments to the lecturer or as a means of self-assessment. After each new submission the student will receive a new originality report, although it may take up to 24 hours to generate these reports after the second and subsequent submissions. Earlier student submissions are overwritten.
  • Generate reports on due date - Students may resubmit papers as often as they like until the due date, however they will only receive one originality report which will be generated when the due date and time has been reached.

Exclude bibliographic materials from Similarity Index for all papers in this assignment: This setting allows lecturers to exclude any bibliographic, citation or reference sections from being checked for matches by Turnitin.

Exclude quoted materials from Similarity Index for all papers in this assignment: This setting allows lecturers to exclude any text in quotes from being checked for matches by Turnitin.

Exclude small matches? This setting allows lecturers to exclude text that is less than a predetermined word count or percentage, as set by the lecturer, e.g. exclude text matches that are less than 3 words in length.

Allow students to see Originality Reports? If you choose yes, students will be able to see the originality report that is generated for their submission.

Submit papers to: This option allows you to decide whether student submissions are stored in the Turnitin student paper repository. If you choose to submit papers to the repository the student submission will be checked against other students’ work, e.g. your students in previous years, other modules, etc.

Search options: You can choose what repositories or sources the student submissions will be checked against. The more options selected the more accurate the originality report.

GradeMark: The GradeMark section offers options related to the GradeMark feature and the ability to attach relevant rubrics to the submission.