To set up a Turnitin Assignment:

1. Open up a content area in your module and click on the Assessments tab in the top menu.

2. The options for adding a new Turnitin Assignment will appear. Select Paper Assignment on the screen (this will be selected by default) and click Next Step.

3. On the next page you can enter your assignment title (this should be clear to the student, so they know they are submitting their work to the correct place) and the point value (it is recommended that you assign 100 points - weighting can be changed later in the grade center).

4. Set the various dates and times related to the availability of the assignment to students.

  • The start date refers to the date that students can begin submitting assignments
  • The due date is the date by which the students should have uploaded their assignments. Additional options can be set later to enable students to submit assignments after the due date, which will be marked as late.
  • Post date refers to the availability of GradeMark papers and does not prevent grades from appearing in Blackboard's grade centre.

5. Additional features and settings can be added to the assignment by selecting the Optional Settings button at the bottom of this screen. More information on these Optional Settings can be found here.

6. When you have finished adjusting the settings for your assignment, click the Submit button to continue. You will receive a notification that your assignment has been successfully submitted.