The Send Email feature in Blackboard lets you send an email to anyone who is registered on your Blackboard module (students and instructors).

Please note that Blackboard does not keep track of any sent emails within the system. You are, however, sent a copy of any mails that you send from Blackboard.

To send an email from Blackboard:

1. Select Module Tools from the Course Management menu and click on “Send Email”

2. Blackboard offers various options for sending emails. Click the desired option from the list to create your email.

3. Include the subject and the message for the email 

4. Beneath the message, there is an option for a Return Receipt. A Return Receipt allows you to see who you actually sent your email to.

5. You can also attached a file to your email - click on the text “Attach a file“ - this will then display a Browse button. Click this to upload a file from your computer .

6. Click Submit to send your email