Announcements in Blackboard are messages that show up for students on their dashboard so they will see them when they log in.

To create an announcement in your module:

1. Select Module Tools from the Course Management menu and click on “Announcements”.

2. To create a new announcement, click on "Create Announcement" from the Blue menu

3. Give your announcement a subject, like you would an email.  This should let the viewer know what it’s about at a glance - for instance “Assessment One deadlines”

4. Fill in the Message of the Announcement - think of this as the content of the announcement, like the content of an email.

5. Under section 2 “Web Announcement Options”, you can select when the announcement should be visible. 

  • For the Duration option, if you select “Not date restricted”, the announcement will be immediately visible and will not disappear.
  • If you select Date Restricted, the announcement will be visible only within the dates you specify with "Select Date Restrictions".
  • If you tick “Email Announcement”, you can send a copy of the announcement by email to students

6. If your announcement relates to a specific part of your module - an assessment or particular piece of content - your announcement can direct students to that specific part.
  • Click on the Browse button and select what part of the module you want to link to - this will create a link in the announcement below the message.

7. Click Submit.