When you create an assignment in Blackboard you're basically creating a virtual pigeon-hole for your students to upload their work.

To create an assignment:

1. Select "Assessments" from the Content menu at the top of the content area and choose "Assignment".

2. Give your Assignment a name. This name should be clear to the student, so they know they are submitting their work to the correct place

3. You can also include some further instruction that will be displayed with the assignment. You should use this to provide some additional information or guidance for your students on the assessment - such as the marking scheme being used or the context for the assessment

4. If you wish, you can also upload a document to accompany the assessment. This could be used to include the brief, or the marking scheme, or any additional relevant documents, for the assessment. To do this:

  • Click “Browse my Computer” to upload a file from your computer
  • Or else, you can use “Browse Course” to locate the file if it has been previously uploaded to the module.

5. The due date for the assignment is the date by which the students should have uploaded their file. The assignment can still be submitted after the due date, but these will be marked as late:

6. For the grading setting, it is recommended that you assign 100 points - weighting can be changed later in the grade center.

7. Under submission details, you can determine whether the assignment should be individual or group-based. These should be set to individual unless you already have groups set up in your module in Blackboard.

The number of attempts can also be set. This can be useful as students may make a mistake with their first submission. It is recommended that you set this to multiple attempts and to set this to 2 or 3

8. Under Grading Options, you can enable anonymous marking and delegated marking:

  • Anonymous marking will hide a student’s name when you are marking them
  • Delegated marking will allow another member of staff (e.g. another instructor enrolled on the module) to mark student assessments

9. Under Display of Grades, you can determine how the grade is displayed to students.

The Display of grades settings can generally remain as they are unless you don’t want to show the grade to students. In this case, you should uncheck the option “show to students in my grades”

10. You can enable date and time restrictions by changing the Availability Settings. (This differs from Due Date settings which allows students to submit an assignment late).

If the availability is restricted with these settings, for instance a date and time is added for Display Until, the link to the assignment will not appear for the students after this date has passed and so they will no longer be able to submit an assignment.

11. Click Submit to save the assignment.