You can add documents to your Blackboard module using the Build Content menu in the content area of your module:

1. Select "Build Content" from the menu at the top of the content area, then choose "Item".

2. Give your Item a name. Your item’s name should describe the information in the document to the student - something like “Week 1 lecture slides”

3. If you wish, you can also include some text that will be displayed with the Item. You could, for instance, include a further description of the content.

4. Click “Browse my Computer” to upload a document from your computer or else, you can use “Browse Course” to locate the document if it has been previously uploaded to the module. You can add a number of documents to one item allowing you to keep relevant material together. 

5. “Standard Options” lets you decide if and when students can see particular content:

If you set “Permit Users to View this Content ” to “yes”, then students can access the content immediately.

If you set “Track number of views ” to “yes”, then Blackboard will record how often the content is accessed.

“Select Date and Time Restrictions” lets you to determine a date and time within which content is accessible.

6. Click Submit