Connecting to Office : Android

1. On your android device, open Settings.

2. Scroll down to the Accounts section, then select Add Account.

3. Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. Different android devices will have different names for this e.g.

Samsung: Microsoft Exchange Active Sync

Motorola: Exchange

Sony Xperia: Corporate

LG:  Microsoft Exchange

Google Nexus: Corporate

HTC: Active Sync

4. Enter your full CIT email address along with your CIT email password.

Select Manual setup.

On the next screen you will be prompted to accept the conditions of activating the account.

Click on OK to proceed.

5. On the next window enter the following details:

a. Domain\Username:

b. Server:

c. Ensure that Use secure connection (SSL) is ticked.

Once the details are entered select Next and the settings should begin checking the incoming server settings.

6. When the Remote security administration warning appears Click OK.

7. Choose which period to sync Email and Calendar.

8. Scroll down and choose which parts of your account you wish to sync with your Android device. By default, all are selected. Sync SMS is not advised.

Once you have selected your Sync preferences click Next.

9. You can also add a name for the account, in this example we will use CIT Office 365 as the name of the account. Click Done.

10. Once this has been completed return to your devices home screen and click on the Email icon to begin using your Office 365 account.