To connect your Chromebook to the eduroam network, please follow these short steps:

1. Connect Chromebook to a Wi-Fi network or Hotspot.

NB *CIT-Wireless-Setup will not work for this*

2. Open Chrome NB*installer will only work with Chrome* and navigate to  The website will automatically detect the OS of the device. Click the blue button to continue.

3. Once selected, a pop up will generate on the top right hand side of the page. Select ‘Cork Institute of Technology’.

4. On the next page select ‘CIT Student’.

5. Once selected, you will see a another blue box which will be the installer for your device. Click it to download.

6. If the incorrect installer shows up, click on ‘All Platforms’ and select the correct one.

7. Once you select the Chrome installer, a small dialogue box will appear. Copy the link displayed in this box.

8. Once downloaded, open a new tab and Paste in the link you copied.

9. On the page Upload the file you just downloaded. This will not generate any evidence that it has done so as it uploads silently. This is normal. Ignore the Store Logs section and select Wi-Fi in Network Debugging.

10. Navigate to Wi-Fi and connect to Eduroam & Login with your details (E.g.

If you have any issues with connecting to the Eduroam network, please email