If you are accessing vLabs from a vDesktop especially for the first time, you may get the error:


    "The client integration plug in is missing"

This can be caused by Firefox blocking access to "Plugins" and "Pop-ups"

For Firefox the following steps should ensure simple access to the vLabs:

1. Log into the vDesktop (CO-DEVELOPMENT or Universal etc.).

2. Open Firefox.

3. Click on "Add-ons" in the options menu (or paste "about:addons" into a new tab).

4. Click on "Plugins" on the left then go to the bottom of the list of plugins. You should see a "VMware Remote Console Plugin 5.5".

    4.1 Make sure that this is set to "Always Activate".

5. Look at the "Flash" plugin and change this to "Always Activate"

6. Look at the "VMware CLient Support Plug-in" and change to "Always Activate"

7. Open the Firefox "Preferences" menu.

8. Click on the "Content" icon.

9. Either _untick_ "Block Pop-up windows" or add "" as an exception using the "Exceptions..." button on this page.

10. Close Firefox and any other running program and "shutdown" the vDesktop.

11. Wait a minute...

12. Log back into the vDesktop and try accessing the vLab again