To connect your Apple device to the Eduroam network, complete the following short steps. 

NB *If this is your first time connecting to Eduroam, please start from Step 5.*

1. Go To Settings.

2. Select ‘General’.

3. Go To Profile.

4: Delete old Profile.

5. Go to Wi-Fi & Connect to ‘CIT-Wireless-Setup.’

6. A pop up window will generate. Select Accept’.

7. Tap Done, Open browser and navigate to ''

8. Scroll to ‘WiFi Registration’

9. Select ‘Student’.

10: Scroll to 'Apple Mobile Devices'.

11. Select ‘Install’

12. Select ‘Install’ again.

13: Enter Username & Password (E.g.

14: Connect to Eduroam WiFi

NB *you might get a pop up saying 'failed to connect'. if this happens try connecting 2-3 more times and this should update and connect.*

If you have any issues with connecting to the Eduroam network, please email