Each cloud student gets a virtual desktop (view desktop) that they can access from anywhere, inside or outside campus. 

The access the virtual desktop, cloud student has two options; either to install a view client on the machine or html access to view desktop.

Figure 1: View Client Options

Option 1: Install view client

To install the view desktop, cloud students can use the following link. https://vdesktop.citonline.ie/

This link will provide the executable to install view client based on client machine.

Launching View Desktop 

When launching view desktop, it will ask for a connection server.

Connection server details: vdesktop.citonline.ie

Figure 2: View Desktop Connection

  • Student enters Student Number and password – Domain is CITONLINE
  • Student uses the same password that is used for email, Canvas and Web4.

Figure 3: View Desktop Login

  • A desktop name will be displayed. Students can select the desktop and click connect.

Figure 4: Connection to View Desktop

  • This will launch the students view desktop.

Option 2: HTML access to view client

This option allows you to access your vDesktop from your browser.

Figure 5: HTML Access

  • It will automatically connect to connection server.

Figure 6: HTML connection to vDesktop

  • Login with student number and password.

Figure 7:HTML access login screen