Why does my card not read on print/copy screen display?

Your card will need to be reconfigured. This can be done in the Card Office located within the Nexus Building/Student Centre. The Card Office is open from 9:00-12:30 and 2:00-4:30.

What happens if I lose my student SmartCard?

You can call directly to the Card Office and a member of staff will lock your account, thus stopping anybody from using your credits to purchase anything using your account. This can also be done over the phone by calling 021 4326082. If the card is found it is possible to re-activate your account. If you get a new card then the original credit will carry across to the new student card. Please note that a new card will incur a €10 charge for the printing of the new card. 

How do I top up my student card?

Your student card can be topped up online using a Laser or credit card at, where the minimum top-up is €10.  Your card must be topped up to avail of MTU’s printing and photocopying services. You may also top up at any of the tills in the college, such as the shops and canteen. 

Does credit from this academic year continue through to next year ?

The MTU Smart Card remains active from one academic year to the next, so any amounts remaining will still be available in the next academic year. Additionally, the transaction history on the account also remains to give a full account of all top-ups and expenditure using the card. The account remains active for as long as the student is registered in MTU.