Why can't I print?

This could be for a number of reasons:

  • If you have an old student card, ensure that it has been recoded. If it hasn’t, this can be done in the Card Office in the Student Centre.
  • Ensure that you have topped up and have money on your student card.
  • If you have a lot to print, you may need to simply be patient and give the printer a few minutes to acknowledge your print job(s).
  • The paper tray may need refilling or there may be a paper jam or other hardware issue. Please report this to the Helpdesk.

Which printer do I pick when I want to print something?

That depends on what you want to print – if you'd like to print in black and white, choose CIT MONO. If you'd like to print in colour, choose CIT Colour. Black and white is cheaper. Once you have selected a print job to be printed, it can be printed from any of the printing stations around the college.

What do I do if a print/copy station is not working?

IT Services asks that if you notice a print station that is not working to please log a call with the Service Desk within the IT Building. This can be done by phone on 021 4335050, by email at or in person at the Service Desk. Once IT Services are aware there is an issue, a member of staff will be assigned to fix it as soon as possible.

Please note:

  • Print screens go into hibernation when not in use, so you must first run your hand across the touch screen to make the display screen appear.
  • Please do not turn off the power at mains, or turn off the screen.

Why are my documents not displaying on the print/copy display?

Students must be logged into the correct domain, Student-CIT.

If this is correct and documents are still not displaying then make sure that you are sending the documents to the correct print station.

CIT MONO is for black and white printing. These documents can be printed at any print/copy station throughout the college.

CIT COLOUR is for colour printing. These Documents can only be printed within either Open Access or the Copy Centre.

Where can I print out my documents?

There are a number of locations throughout the college that facilitate printing and photocopying:

  • Open Access (9am -10pm, printing and photocopying facilities)
  • Library

Do I have to pay for printing if I have my own paper?

Yes, you still have to pay for printing if you bring your own paper (so you might prefer to save that paper for something else).

Is it possible to print/copy double sided?

Yes, all printers are capable of double sided printing and photocopying. 

The print station took my credits but didn't print anything!
If this happens, contact the Service Desk immediately. We will take your student number and the amount lost will be reimbursed on your card as soon as possible. Please supply them with the file name, number of pages, and cost, it is important to specify which print queue, Mono or Colour that it was sent to. 

I've printed a document but I can't find it.

Think back to when you printed the document: were you logged on as yourself or as someone else (which you are not meant to be!)? If you were logged on as someone else, then when you swipe your card through, you won't see the document as the document is not associated with your username but with the other person's username. You will need to log off, enter into your own account, and re-print the document.

I was logged on as myself but I still cannot find the document to print.
If this happens, you will have to try printing again. If you still can't get anything after 15 minutes (large documents can take a while before they appear at the print station), please contact the Service Desk.

As I was printing, the toner ran out and the print is faded.
Contact the Service Desk. Bring your print-out with you to show us what happened and so that we can replace the toner as soon as possible. The only way we have of knowing if the toner has ran out is if you, the user, tells us. We will also offer to either reimburse your account or offer another print out of the document for free.

A few good tips when printing:
If you are printing a large document, divide it up into sections for printing purposes, for example, print from page 1 to page 10, page 11 to page 20, and also any type of photo document. 

As stated earlier on in this section, credits are taken from your account before you print so if you are printing a large document all in one go, all necessary money will be taken from your account. For numerous reasons, this is not a good idea as (for example) the paper could run out, the toner could start to fade, or a paper jam could occur. This way, even if this happens, you won't lose too many credits. You can then re-enter the section, which didn't print out correctly, go to another print server and print out all remaining documents and the re-entered section. Some documents can be expensive to print so the last thing you want to happen is to have all your credits used up and a problem to occur.

Please note that IT Services have no involvement with SmartCard issues - this is handled by the MTU Card Office located in the Nexus Centre.